The distinctive accent of its residents, the scents, fruitful flavours, vibrant colours…

The southern areas of the Rhône-Alpes region offer a change of scenery and the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the inner city areas.


The Drôme Provençale

Pleasurable moments, discovery tours and food tasting are all on the agenda of the visits and tours of Montélimar, Nyons, ou Suze-la-Rousse…

Olives, grapevines, lavender, aromatic plants, apricots and other fruits add flavour and colour to the Provence region.


South Vercors

 The Diois county offers discovery tours of its must see tourist sites and regional products.

Die’s sparkling white wine, typical Provencal villages and rural settings often find themselves under the bright and sunny skies.



Southern Ardèche

 Be transported through a discovery journey, full of scents, flavours and colours as you visit Ardèche Méridionale and the natural phenomenon of Vallon-Pont d’Arc or the Grotte Chauvet, the villages, roman churches, vineyards, fruit farms, etc.