GASTRONOMY - Lyon Gastronomy

In Lyon, gastronomy is considered an art and this “savoir-faire” is largely due to women and the Mères Lyonnaises.

Today the Lyon’s chefs carry the torch of the city’s cuisine ensuring the high quality of its dishes all around the world.
The new-generation of budding chefs work to keep this extraordinary culinary reputation alive by lending new flavours to their dishes.

The Chefs

« Leave ingredients with the taste of what they are », is the secret of Lyonnaise cuisine!

Lyon is truly the gastronomy capital.
The city is a reference in culinary art, thanks to its talented chefs who combine tradition and creativity to their dishes.

Grand Chefs and innovative dishes

Internationally renowned chefs such as Paul Bocuse, Pierre Orsi, Guy Lassausaie, Christian Têtedoie as well as Georges Blanc in Vonnas, Philippe Jousse at Chapel à Mionnay, or Pierre Troisgros in Roanne have given root to the reputation of lyonnaise cuisine.

They are now joined by talented chefs such as Nicolas Le Bec, Philippe Gauvreau, Davy Tissot, Mathieu Viannay, Christophe Marguin, Matthieu Fontaine at Château de Bagnols, or Patrick Henriroux of Pyramide à Vienne… only to cite a few !

All these chefs add their personal touch of talent, finesse and imagination to their dishes, enriching Lyon’s culinary heritage.
Among new trends seen at the city’s tables are stir-fry dishes, exotic flavours and numerous other dishes from around the world.

Grand tables, stunning brassieres and charming inns, all add to the marvellous world of Lyonnaise cuisine that combines tradition and ingenuity.

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Les Mères Lyonnaises

These ladies were originally house cooks for Lyon’s rich and affluent families, however during the second half of the 19th century they began to pursue their own ventures and set up their own businesses.
While filling tables at Compagnons du Tour de France, they demonstrated to all how to make cooking simple and subtle, with dishes such as “la poularde en vessie” or “les cardons à la moelle”…

From 1921, Eugénie Brazier, the mère Brazier, began to cater to gastronomes and ambassadors such as General de Gaulle and Mayor Edouard Herriot became fans of her cooking.

Paul Bocuse, a world renowned chef from Lyon, began his career at her stoves.

Other famous Mères lyonnaises include la mère Blanc, la mère Fillioux, la mère Poupon, la mère Léa, la grande Marcelle.


The restaurants of Lyonnaise cuisine